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Trinkhalle Bad Gams

Flüssiges Gold - einzigartige magnesiumhältige Eisenheilquellen

Of particular importance is the water of the three unique mineral springs in Bad Gams.

The sources with their high divalent iron content and the many important trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and manganese are due to their favorable chemical composition in a position to influence the healing process for various diseases and conditions favorable and strengthen the body's defenses.

The Michelquelle
The unique Bad Gamser mineral spring, the Michel source is incomparable in Europe due to its high content of divalent iron and many trace elements. Iron deficiency, circulatory problems or infections are treated by drinking cures.
Enjoy a refreshing glass while visiting the source of Michelquelle. For over 50 years, the spring has been bubbling out between the Bad Gamser rocks. Seven meters underground, the natural spectacle becomes visible. The source of the spring promises not only pure medicinal water but also special earth rays - a fountain of youth for body and soul.

The active source
The water of the iron-magnesium-containing healing spring is recommended for supportive treatment in:
Cardiac muscle disorders, cardiac insufficiency, cardiac arrhythmias, stress states, inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, the gastrointestinal tract, in mild diabetes and in osteoporosis.

The Gudrun spring
It is a low-salt table source, from which one can drink without restriction in plentiful quantity pure or mixed with other beverages.
Due to the very low mineral salt content (below 50 mg / l) and the low sodium content (less than 20 mg / l), the low-salt Gudrun source is suitable, among other things, for the preparation of baby food, since the maximum levels of the ingredients are never reached or exceeded. 


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